Antika Mobiliario SA was founded in 1981 in the north of Portugal, Antika's mission is to provide products and services of excellence based on innovation, rigor and quality, resulting from constant concern and focus on the needs of the market.

The Company has grown and evolved becoming a consolidated reference in the sector of classic furniture maintaining as main objective the brand sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. For this, it counts with an highly qualified team and dedicated collaborators who guarantee the productive efficiency, combining technology with the artisan techniques.

Today, with more than 41 years of experience in the art of manufacturing furniture, Antika continues to represent the excellence, quality and commitment.

After more than 30 years of collaboration between LABARÈRE and ANTIKA MOBILIÁRIO SA, the two companies join forces and adopt a common commercial strategy.

LABARÈRE is a company based in the Pyrénées Atlantiques between Biarritz and Pau for 5 generations, specializing in the manufacture of furniture for individuals in B to B and for hotels and restaurants.

In a small village of the South West of France, close to Biarritz,Etienne Labarère built his first piece of furniture. The little companycrossed the ages. There will be Philippe, Jean, Philippe Auguste.

After several experiences away, Jean-Claude Labarère arrives in thecompany to take over his fathers work. He brings color and tailormade manufactoring.

148 years later, Muriel and Jean-Claude Labarère put all theirenergy to make the family tradition live on. They prepetuate theancestral knowledge while modernizing the lines thanks to collaborationswith differents designers: Didier Versavel, Christelle le Déan...

After more than 30 years of collaboration between LABARÈRE and ANTIKA MOBILIÁRIO SA, the two companies join forces and adopt a common commercial strategy.

How many we are

Actually the company has nearly a hundred direct employees and various partnerships that guarantee the effectiveness of the process and the efficiency of the Organization.

Where we are

ANTIKA is present in:
United Kingdom
South Korea
Exporting 99% of its annual production.

Antika Mobiliário SA’s mission is to provide customers with a product resulting from a process of transformation of a natural raw material, guaranteed by efficiency of the process and the Organization.We intend to continue to be a reference in the sector, maintaining the market's trust through our Quality Management process. Thus, our activity is guided by the following principles:

1- Customer SatisfactionEnsure that the requirements defined by the customer for the product/service are fully met.

2- Fruitful relationships with partnersTake care of relations with partners, considering them as an integral part of the QualitySystem and maintaining an evaluation and qualification of the services provided.

3- Employee satisfactionInvolve all employees in the Quality System, being aware of their needs.

4- Innovation and product design Investing more and more in creating our own models.

5- Market innovationEvaluate successively opportunities in the global market.

6- Productive efficiency and advanced technology combined with artisanal and artistic techni-quesThe implementation of the current Quality Policy represents the joint effort of the Administra-tion and all its employees to comply with all requirements.